Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Governor Palmeri?

Tony Palmeri has a new blog that has him asking the question "Time for Tony for Governor?

Let me be the first to say I won't vote for Tony. That still doesn't mean he shouldn't run. I would imagine at this point many are thinking I want him to run because he will take votes away from Governor Doyle. The fact of the matter is that many of the problems we have is because a lack of true variety at the polls.

For Example: President Bush during his run last year sounded borderline conservative. When in actually he has been as liberal as John Kerry. His spending is horrible, the education bill was a wreck, prescription drug plan was absurd, and CAFTA and other free trade is destructive to the nation.

What this country needed was to cut spending. Have an education bill that actually works. Instead of giving an entitlement in prescription drugs, we need to go to the drug companies. There is no need that all of those commercials need to be on TV, magazines, and radio. People end up thinking they need drugs when they don't. The consumer ends up paying for advertising and not research. Then CAFTA is a disaster that equals NAFTA. How does the United States compete with Mexico or any other Central American country? They can't! The fact is that we have a higher standard of living, environmental laws, and employment laws that protect the employee. You just can't win with that. You can see that even locally. Companies such as Toro, Mercury Marine, and Lexmark sit just across the border in Juarez, Mexico. Paying their employees $35 a week.

So, how do you handle politicians that are bought and paid for? (Both Democrats and Republicans) You have to have third parties that will take away from their respective bases. The Democrats should have to deal with the Greens and Socialists. Just as the Republicans should have to deal with Libertarians and Constitutional parties. Not to say I would vote that way, but it seems to be more appealing as this dual party system seems to be failing. If it takes a guy like Palmeri to run, so be it. Tommy Thompson, a Republican, was as much a puppet to WEAC as Jim Doyle is now.

Now how is that for a TRUE conservative?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Prisons, Whatta Waste of Money

I was reading this article in the Northwestern, and started to think of the waste our prison system is. We throw tons of money into something that will never give back to us in the form of progress, tax income, or jobs. You could argue that the guards are getting jobs, but I have a solution for it.

One could say for schools that the money is going for education. I do question the amount that actually goes to educating our youngsters. With prisons the money goes to supporting dead beats who have broken the law. Even more so, we give them things that many on the outside don't have. (Cable TV)

What should we do? The answer lies in making prison a place that no one wants to go to. I would start with eliminating the weights, TV, and nice meals they get. Do you know it is required for them to get 2000 calories a day? What ever happened to bread and water? (I don't literally think they should be on bread and water.)

My solution would be four fold.

1. Short the sentences.
2. Make prison time hard.
3. Eliminate TV and weights.
4. Give them the basics in food.

Shorting the prison sentences would allow these men and women to get back into society and start working. Meaning that they would produce, and have to pay taxes and contribute rather than take away. Being leaches on the state.

Making prison times harder by making them do hard labor. This would take some guts to do. The ACLU and friends would be panicked if made convicts do hard labor. But what would be wrong with making some felon lift heavy rocks for 8 hours a day. Anything to make their stay in the Wisconsin Prison System way less fun.

Why should we be paying for cable TV for a bunch of convicts? We give them books to read or something. Maybe reading "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" would motivate them to reform. Since when has the prison system been the YMCA? I don't know about you all, but I have to pay to us the equipment they do. In fact, we have to pay for them to us the epuipment they do.

This one I would be negotiable on. They eat way to well in prison. When ever you see the show Survivor they all get skinny over a matter of days. When was the last time you saw a prisoner get skinny? They all either get ripped, or they get fat. We need to feed them a little less. Our prisoners need to go on a diet.

Friday, December 16, 2005

War Referendum

The war referendum in Oshkosh is picking up some heat. As Iraqi Freedom is becoming less popular, the politicians are attempting to take advantage. It is such an easy road to go down. You get to pick up some quick points with the area, but that doesn't stop it from being wrong.

The first question I ask myself in regards to the war is "Was it done the way I would have hoped?" The answer is no. I would have much preferred to have the United States role over the terrorists. Instead the USA has taken a bit of a step back. Playing defense against a bunch of religious fanatics. People who believe they will achieve seventy-two virgin wives when they die in the name of Allah. However, this does not lead me to the conclusion of tucking my tail between my legs and running. This makes me want our forces to become more aggressive.

Second, "Are we failing?" The answer there is absolutely not. We are succeeding in areas that were only thought of as dreams. They are having free elections. They are rid of Saddam. They are starting to catch on.

Then there is our city council. They are focusing on having a referendum to see if we should withdrawal immediately. That is a shame. The first shame is that regardless of what Oshkosh thinks locally, this war needs to be completed. Do we want to leave an Iraq that isn't ready to stand on its own?

Then to add to that, do we want our CITY council to start dipping their toes into the NATIONAL? That would include a city council that has a hard enough time running city, much less starting to expand into the national realm.

Link to Iraqi Election

New Local Oshkosh Blog

Discussed on Stew Rieckman's Everyday Editor, there are no local blogs that don't have the qualifying marks of blog listed on the Oshkosh Northwestern web site.

This web site has been created to avoid what seems to be the turn-offs for Mr. Rieckman. (Not local, religious, and crude) While it is understood that it probably won't be listed anytime soon on the Northwestern, it will allow for there to be a voice in the community.